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Supporting Rock 2 Recovery

Team Fortitude is a gathering of motivated and inspirational people across the UK who are supporting and raising much needed funds for Rock 2 Recovery.  Team Fortitude is available for ALL to join, and a challenge(s)  doesn’t have to be physical, we are big believers in putting the FUN in fundraising.

All the money raised (less minimal payment gateway fees) will be used to support more of our Servicemen/women, Veterans and their Families who are struggling with Stress and minor Traumatic Brain Injuries (mTBI).

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If you are interested in learning more about Team Fortitude and how exactly you can help, email below or call us , we will happily answer any questions.  We have many ways for you to get involved.

Joining Team Fortitude is an amazing opportunity to make a difference to the lives of our servicemen, veterans and their families by raising much needed funds for Rock 2 Recovery.  All whilst having fun, making friends, surrounded by the support of both participants and co founders.

Sabrina: 07432 068 600     Laura: 07984 252 165

Why Join Us?

  • I joined Team Fortitude to raise money so that Rock2Recovery can continue its outstanding work in assisting distressed veterans and helping them re-integrate successfully after life in the armed forces. Our veterans sacrifice so much and I wanted to raise funds and awareness as mental health is an issue which is so often unnoticed and overlooked in society. When I joined Team Fortitude I didn’t realise that I would meet such inspirational people and make good friends- I have had an amazing year as part of the Team Fortitude family and I hope to continue to support them for many years to come. – Eva 

  • 1st January 2016 saw me reach out to Rock 2 Recovery.  I didn’t actually expect any help as I am still serving!   It was a leap of faith…. Jamie Sanderson the founder of Rock 2 Recovery responded 4 minutes later to the email I sent.  He got me through that weekend and by the end of that first week in January I had been given a little light that I needed to carry on.  I was signposted to another charity and organisation to get the support I needed to get on my road to recovery.

    What I knew is that I had to pay Jamie back in some way so that another serviceman/woman/Veteran or Family member who is struggling with ‘Stress Related Illness, Depression, PTSD & MTBI’s could get the support I had.

    Who knew that ‘Team Fortitude’ would impact my life in so many ways… I am naturally a hermit, an introvert or socially awkward! I decided that I needed to change my life and help others if I could, then that way I may heal myself in the long term and who knows I may actually make some friends!

    So I decided that I would join Team Fortitude and do a ‘Muddy Event’ aka British Legion Major Series.  So April the 8th saw me drive down to Tunbridge Wells, stay in hotel by myself and then on the Saturday meet 4 ladies who I had never met, plus Team Old Soldier!  This was, very much out of my comfort zone!   So I rocked up to the venue and I met the founders of TF Laura & Sabrina, then I was joined my fellow team mates Gemma and Louise.  We had a photo shoot with Old Soldier aka Dan and the amazing photographer Uncle Spider Al.  In all my years of serving with the army I had never done an ‘Obstacle Course Race’. It was a first, yes we got muddy, piss wet through we all completed the course and had the first experience of many to come our way…

    So if you fancy doing something different and would like to raise money and go out of your comfort zone then Team Fortitude maybe just the team you would like to become a part of!!! – Natasha

  • When I started this journey I didn’t know where it would take me or what it would mean.  The day I received the news I was on the Break Point Team Eliet team, I was scared! Could I do this, was I good enough! What if I let people down. How would I make a £1000 target. This was madness, I am worthless and have nothing to offer anyone! What am I doing putting myself forward for this craziness!!! 
    Little did I know my journey and story was just beginning! I didn’t realise how helping raise money for Veteran Soldiers, would in turn save my life. I knew I had depression, I knew I was in a bad way, my confidence was a rock bottom, I was the lowest I’d ever been. I actually didn’t want to live anymore. I sat looking in the mirror, i was so very scared, what was I playing at! I couldn’t do this, who was I kidding, 4 stone to lose, totally unfit! It’s April I can’t run 1k never mind 10k with a weight pack! As I sat there staring at someone I hated, I said “Girl you do this or you die” it really was that simple. I need something to live for or I simply was going to end up killing myself! So I agreed, I put the wheels in motion. 
    I hired a Personal Trainer, went for it with the diet! I even gave up drinking alcohol.  This for me was a major crutch but one that would never let me achieve my dreams.  Everything in me changed then. I changed, bit by bit, day by day! 
    As time went on my confidence grow, I seemed to have found a place to belong, people who liked me, wanted to be my friends, that slowly become family. I entered more and more events. I started to smash tough mudders out! Not worrying so much that I couldn’t, more that I could and they where actually fun.  
    I was on it. I came up with crazy fundraising ideas. I won’t lie the day I made target I was so very proud. I even inspired my seven year old step grandson to run a mini mudder and raised 5 times his target to help poorly soldiers. Watching him beam in his black Team Fortitude t-shirt will always be one of my favourite memories of this year. The phrase “I like pounds but floaty notes are better” will forever be the best catch phrase! – Amie
  • My name is Graeme Walker, I am 36 years old and have worked in the Oil & Gas industry my whole life……

    I have a genuine passion for life and an inquisitive nature…I pride myself on giving 100% in everything I do. I am fiercely loyal and enjoy new adventures.

    I got involved with Team Fortitude on day one when Laura and Sabrina were looking for volunteers to help raise money for Rock2Recovery. I don’t have any regrets in life…..except I didn’t serve my country in some capacity….therefore volunteering for Team Fortitude was a no brainer.

    ……….If I couldn’t serve my country, I was going to serve the ones that have.

    I have taken part in 18 races so far throughout the course of the year, I have raised in excess of £1300, and my hope is that shall continue going forward…

    I strive for growth as a person, whether that’s, intellectually, physically or even spiritually….I like to think of myself as fairly head strong, and thrive under pressure. I am a firm believer that if you have a strong body and mind, you owe it to help the ones that don’t.

    Therefore being part of Team Fortitude is an easy and natural fit to my personality, I have loved getting to know the other members of TF through various races and weekends we have spent together. 

    The culmination of 2016 is at our special TF Elite event at Break Point with Foxy & Ollie of the TV show SAS Who Dares Wins. I am looking forward to going beyond my perceived limits and more importantly helping the other team members go beyond theirs.

    I’m never one to be sitting on the couch and wasting away, I am constantly on the lookout for new adventures with ways to better myself and others.

  • When i was asked to join Team Fortitude to help raise funds for Rock 2 Recovery , i never imagined that not only would i do such good in helping our Veterans, Servicemen/Women and their families but i would also grow mentally and physically myself.  Making life long friends who are all such inspirational, motivational amazing individuals! Every member of Team Fortitude are so very welcoming and supportive. The whole team are like an extended family and i am truly proud to be able to say that i am a member of Team Fortitude. A year has passed since i joined, i have done somethings i never thought i could do and i am looking forward to another year of FUNdraising and even further into to the future for as long as i can. – Crystal