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to preserve lives of distressed servicemen, veterans and their families by connecting them to appropriate mental health professionals for emergency and routine help. to inspire and motivate sufferers to a better future through the power of creativity.


our vision is that everybody becomes aware of the symptoms of post traumatic stress in others and themselves and the signs of when it is time to gain help. to ensure that direction, signposting and connections are easily available for the sufferers in times of trouble. it is also to then ensure that a re-focusing opportunity occurs and self worth and aspirations return. we do this by encouraging (STAR) Stop, Talk, Act, Re-focus.
….Jamie Sanderson RM, Jason Fox RM, following long career service (as a sniper and Special Forces respectively) resulting in medical discharges after PTSD diagnosis and ineffective treatment; and Robin Hollington RM, also after a long career before medical discharge for physical injuries, who’s son was the 300th UK casualty in Afghanistan whilst serving with 40 Cdo RM on Herrick 12. From their experiences, R2R recognises the need for specific care requirements including rapid preventative intervention and the provision and long-term refocusing support for veterans leaving the service with Brain Injuries (often diagnosed as PTSD) and Mental Health issues attributable to their service.

phase one

Specialist Change Management Coaching

Uniquely, we believe, Rock to Recovery proactively seeks, (whereas other providers tend to require to be contacted) distressed servicemen and veterans through their educative presentations to military command courses, social media presence and word of mouth, and backed up by the admission by the directors of their own experience. We engage our client community and encourage others to signpost and refer those that they have concerns for. Having found sufferers, we provide and ensure One-One coaching that is specific to the requirements of the serviceman/veteran displaying symptoms of stress illness or brain injuries either with or without a diagnosis prior to discharge. Every client is initially directed to clinical and medical support to ensure the best health care is provided. In parallel specific coaching will be deployed or signposted to promote positive change. This is a broad term that allows us to ensure ‘whatever works’ for the person we are assisting as experience shows that NICE accredited options referred by GP’s don’t always work for everyone. We simply find the mechanism that works for that person. Ensuring positive change that we believe is always possible.

phase two

Special Recovery Projects

Once any very immediate intervention has stabilised the client, we stay with that person on their recovery journey to INSPIRE and assist them to develop an interest that will MOTIVATE the next stage of their lives and beyond. This is done on an individual basis developing what we call that persons ROCK. It involves close working relationships with many other supporting organisations and charities. We have found that music, the water / ocean and the outdoors / sports and adventure are the top three ROCKS. The ROCK inspires and motivates guys managing stress to stimulate their Creative, Artistic, Adventurous or Sporting trigger in the brain to activate self-help and begin their recovery. The science of this process can be explored more via the work of colleges at The University of Oxford, The Scars of War Foundation.

funding to date

We are grateful to acknowledge the support of The Royal Marines Charity (formerly the RMCTF) and self-generating fundraisers from supporters and our own projects.

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We are tentatively exploring a number of programs to engage veterans, covering physical fitness active life/ adventure activities, music and creativity and skills and employment opportunities around country pursuits, animal welfare and crafts. Much success has been had with Halser Company (Tri Service rehabilitation unit HMS Drake Plymouth) delivering music therapy. Employment and housing are uppermost in our thinking when developing programmes.

As a young organization we understand the flexibility required to define our goals as time moves on and we are extremely grateful for your support and input as a friend of Rock 2 Recovery.

The Rock2Recovery Team

“Amazing things will happen in the company of amazing people”
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