Andie McCallum

“I’m Andie, 33 from South Yorkshire and I’d like to tell you a bit about me, my challenge and why Rock2Recovery is so important.

Around mid 2017 I was working for an international furniture company, had an awesome career, well respected job and was exceptionally good at it. But I couldn’t shake the feeling it ‘wasn’t me’. So I took it upon myself to invest in myself and retrain in something I love, cyber security. I found myself a mentor and in March 2018 I was offered a job within his company.

Back then I was 19.5 stone and hadn’t done anything close to exercise in about 20 years. In June/July we attended a seminar where the speaker talked about goals, habits and values. The seminar finished on Friday, Saturday I bought some running trainers, Sunday I ran.

I count every day I do at least 15 minutes of exercise and in that first ‘phase’ I ran for 1 minute and walked for 1 minute for 18 days straight before my legs gave out on me. I reset my counter.

Then I moved to apps, YouTube vids and that kind of thing but this didn’t last, the counter was reset again.

I found myself a fitness mentor who helped me work on my conditioning, my legs and get me running again.
It’s now coming up to February 2020 and I’m fast approaching 200 days of consecutive exercise. I’m weighing in at just under 15 stone and have undertaken my biggest challenge to date;

The Round Donny Run.

The Round Donny Run is a race that goes through a 9 stage 30k course on footpaths and trails taking in the beautiful Don Valley Gorge, Sprotborough Flash Nature reserve, Conisborough Viaduct, Hatchell Wood, Cantley Park, Sandall Beat Woods, Doncaster Racecourse and finishes at Doncaster School For The Deaf. The race is starts at 09:00 and has to be finished by 14:00.

This is an absolute monster challenge for me, the furthest I’ve run to date is around half of this distance but I’m currently working hard to make sure I can smash this as for me, this about more than personal accomplishment.
I’m dedicating this challenge to Rock2Recovery. This organisation is doing work beyond important and for what I believe to be one of the most noble causes; saving and changing the lives of those who do what we can’t so that we may live the lives we do.”

Andie McCallum

Andie McCallum

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