Applecross Bed Push

The Applecross Bed Push takes place in the Western Highlands of Scotland and has been taking place since 2011. The route and nature of the event involves a purpose built bed on a trailer and his pushed by a team from Loch Carron to the coastal village of Applecross finishing outside of the Applecross Inn. The route goes from sea level to 2053 feet over the Beleach Nah Bah (Pass the Cattle) mountain road, this stretch of the event rises to that height in just 7 miles and parts of the road are the steepest in the UK. the total distance covered is 18.9 miles and takes approximately 7 hours to complete. The team pushing the bed consists of former and serving members of HM forces and both serving and retired Police a officers.

Having completed the event a charity evening is held in the Applecross Inn where a raffle and auction takes place.

The team collect donations from passing motorists on route which go towards deserving charities who’s services to our country has resulted in them suffering both physically and mentally.

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Applecross Bed Push

Applecross Bed Push

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