Craig John Russell

”Hey my name is Craig John Russell, I am 36 years old and I stay up in bonnie Scotland in Glasgow. I am a personal trainer so fitness and training is a huge part of my life and its something I am passionate about. I myself, suffer from PTSD from a life event so my reason for choosing Rock2Recovery is I believe in so much in what they do. I absolutely love getting out into the Scottish munro’s and being away from all the crazy life and stresses of the city and the hustle. I love challenging myself to and beyond my absolute limits both physically and mentally. Previous events I have done 24hrs on treadmill carrying 25kg Bergen, Glencoe mountain marathon, Lone Wolf Event which run by ex marines and so on, so you could say I’m not scared of a bit of a challenge. Everest Basecamp is going to be a life goal achievement for me and I can not wait, EVEREST SUMMIT maybe in the longer future”

Craig John Russell

Craig John Russell

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