Eve Ricks

Hi All , my name is Eve and I am a Sea Cadet Instructor.

I have recently been diagnosed with CPTSD thanks to reading a book!

Since my teens I was under the umbrella of “depression” dark clouds dominated my mental health but coming from a family with strong , proud women where we have been taught to “get up, dust off, don’t discuss it, move on ”

I admit I followed the family trait. I stopped my friends from coming round, choosing to stay in the sanctuary of my home . I stopped socialising because my anxiety and social awkwardness would talk me out of it .

Then 10 years ago I realised I was just “existing” and I hated life! It affected  my closeness with my family and friends, my way of thinking, of feeling I was never good enough to achieve anything.

Then I picked up a book at the start of this year …..not just any book but Foxys book #Battlescars  and I cried, it was so open and honest and even though our lives are miles apart I could connect with how he felt and after I finished crying I did something extremely hard. I  made a phone call and asked for help. I then got the name I needed – CPTSD.

From reading  Foxy’s book and then Ant Middleton’s book I have my fight for life back.  I am receiving treatment and as the dark clouds are slowly rolling away I realised I’m thankful, thankful to my friends and family, to strangers that are full of encouragement and now I’m embracing life.

I have started running, joined a local Crossfit class , I have a wonderful job on the river and I have more happy and contented days than I do dark days , now LIVING life.

So I would like to climb Ben Nevis  for Rock2Recovery, not just for a personal challenge but to say thank you for helping not just our armed forces personnel but the people who you don’t even realise you are lifting up and supporting!

Keep up the fantastic work guys !

Eve Ricks

Eve Ricks

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