John Mortimore

My name is John Mortimore.
I’m a semi-pro MMA fighter out of Bournemouth and I’m fighting to raise money for Rock2Recovery.
My fight is the 21st December 2019:
a) there’ll be no Christmas drinking until afterwards
b) all and any of my ticket commission will be going towards Rock 2 Recovery.
I know this isn’t a particular out there endeavour but I feel it’s a good way to challenge myself and give something back in return. I’ve been lucky enough to work with the Military and have seen first hand how effective and incredible they are at operating and I think it’s important that anything that can help them post service, after everything they go through (even if they love it!) that can help should be supported in anyway possible!
Appreciate all the love and support!
Peace and Love!

John Mortimore

John Mortimore

£5 of £200 raised
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