Magdalena Radzik

My name is Magdalena and I will skip the intro about myself, as it’s not about me.

As You all know at some point in our life, we all stumble a bit and I am no different to others. After fair share of few of life hiccups I would like to raise awareness of mental health issues.

Anything that’s human is mention-able, and anything that is mention able can be more manageable. When we can talk about our feelings, they become less overwhelming, less upsetting, and less scary.” – Fred Rogers

I have decided for a day or two to hang my heels and swap them for trainers and to take part in GO TRI Ponteland triathlon to raise money for Rock2Recovery, an organisation with mission to preserve lives of distressed servicemen, veterans and their families by connecting them with appropriate mental health professionals for emergency and routine help. To inspire and motivate sufferers to a better future through the power of creativity.

Please be so kind and sponsor me and help me to help those which risk they life and health to keep the rest of us safe.

Ps. I might join other recovered rockers and their supporters by walking up Ben Nevis later in the year as well. So, if You kindly donate to this good cause You will be buying one challenge, and getting one challenge free

Thank You all from the bottom of my heart for every donation

Magdalena Radzik

Magdelena Radzik

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Rock2Recovery inspires and motivates service people and veterans with stress towards a more positive future. Our coaches change thinking and save lives regularly.

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