Richie Mc’s Tash

As a former Royal I have helped others to raise money for Rock2Recovery and thought it was about time I did something myself. I spent just under a decade in the Royal Marines which helped me to travel the world. I managed to see hostile environments and take part in peace keeping operations. I also made great friendships with people who would be brothers for life. I’m pretty sure we had a beer or two along the way as well, but we never over did it…

During these uncertain times, there are many that will find this situation hard to deal with. Recently on my own social platforms I have mentioned physical activity and connecting with others is key to keeping a healthy mentality. It’s now time to add another… humour. Some of the more observant individuals amongst you will have noticed that my top lip has been slowly disappearing since March. So we can have a bit of fun and help a good cause at the same time I will try my best to make it as humours as possible as laughter can be the best medicine.

So to that end, pay to stay or bid to get rid.

I am giving you all an opportunity to have a say what happens to the ferret currently occupying the territory under my nose. Should I feed it and let it grow big and strong. Or release it in to the wild to fend for itself? (At it’s current size it could probably take on a small dog).

You have two weeks troops to have your say… put your money where my Tash is.

Richie Mc’s Tash

Richie Mc’s Tash

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