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23 year old Shauney Watson from Scotland began fundraising for veterans in 2015 with just one road marathon. In the 2 years that followed this, she completed ultra-marathons, mountain marathons and trail races in her pursuit of the notorious Everest Marathon, highest marathon in the world.

In 2017, Shauney became the youngest person to complete the Everest Marathon and then went on to set her sights on a new, even more insane plan.

2020 will see Shauney’s most ambitious challenge to date: 230km over 5 days through the Amazon Jungle from the Cloud Forest to the Basin, carrying all food, water and survival gear.

The reason? It’s simple really.

Through the inspiration of the challenge, the joy of discovering the impossible might just be possible, finding those tears will dry, those legs will feel better and that mountain top isn’t as far as you thought, you can defy any label, and turn any mindset around

So follow my journey through the miles and tears, smiles and laughs, and downright ridiculous situations as I prepare myself for a challenge which will never be *just* a run. A challenge which will push both the mind and body to the brink, and one (I’ll be quite honest in saying) I’m not sure is entirely possible…



Watson’s Project X

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