Steve Behan

“My name is Steve Behan and I’m a 39 year old Firefighter from Reading.
It is my intention to row 1 million metres (621 miles) on a concept 2 indoor rowing machine in the quickest time possible. I have set a target time of between 5-6 days and hope to beat some long-standing records in the process.  Starting on 25th February.
I have already completed marathon and ultra marathon attempts in very respectable times and am keen to push myself to the next level. I understand that this would be an incredibly difficult challenge to accomplish, but I’m confident that with the right team behind me and my ‘can do’ attitude, I will achieve what I set out to do.
By taking part in this challenge and breaking the record I am hoping to raise a lot of money for Rock 2 Recovery. I have many friends who have either served or are still serving and appreciate the sacrifices they have made during their careers.
I’m aware of the impact that mental health issues can have on individuals and want to do more to address and highlight this. In my 15 year career with the London Fire Brigade I have witnessed some horrendous sights which will stay with me forever. I do have a good support system in place, but still do have difficult moments and struggle from time to time which affects me in various ways. It breaks my heart when I hear of the struggles that many military personnel go through after giving so much to us. I think R2R is doing a wonderful job supporting these guys and girls and I would love to help their cause.”

Steve Behan

Steve Behan

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