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Why you have to do this from Team Elite 2016

  • It’s four in the morning and my mind is still whirring over the 12 hours I’ve just spent at Break-Point. I naively thought my biggest challenges would be physical but the tsunami of emotions I’ve felt since finishing suggest otherwise. There’s no doubt that pushing yourself physically has its place in building your character, but it’s clear to me now that it’s only about 20% of the equation.

    Listening to, learning from & walking alongside Ollie, Foxy, Freddie and the other B-P staff it became clear that the ability to be ‘Elite’ is something that lies within us all, but it can’t be gifted to you. Instead you have to willingly leave your comfort zone and then, from that place of discomfort, you must choose to make the kind of hard choices that the majority of people simply aren’t prepared to make. Those choices are inevitably not physical, they are choices of character and mindset.

    You must decide to be humble so that you can be self-aware; to be prepared to face your weaknesses as quickly as you embrace your strengths. Ego and singular personal goals need to be left at the door, team & mission have to come first; but you must counter-balance this with the tenacity to self-motivate and the self-confidence to acknowledge your own achievements without requiring a pat on the back from others. You must plan without procrastination, think without over-thinking, commit 100%  and then when things change, you must rapidly adapt.

    This inevitably means that you will fail. And it will feel s%$t.

    At this point you face your toughest choice. You can quit and become a victim or you can choose to take forward only those learnings that you need and then jettison the deadweight of the rest by leaving it exactly where it now is – in the past. Then ‘breathe, recalibrate’ and begin the process all over again. And it is this willingness to choose to ‘go beyond’ time and again, and accept the outcome whatever it may be, that ultimately makes you ‘Elite’ and able to ‘deliver’ where others can’t. – Morag Young

  • When asked if I wanted to do the Elite SF Day, I was clear in my mind and undeterred resounding Yes!

    The question that is asked of you & not just you but that as of a team – Can you ‘Go Beyond’! No room for individuals here!!! All of this requires teamwork… 

    Something that Foxy said in his podcast with Mentors4Miltary was that there is a place for each specialty in the team!

    Did I have concerns! Yes. I might have 9 1/2 yrs in the Army Reserves and have that knowledge to a certain aspect. The question is do I have what it takes to be apart of an ‘Elite’ team! To put all of them & the mission first… To look at each situation as it presents itself and find away to achieve it!

    We were given a glimpse into a mindset like no other, that is flexible, undeterred and knows how to take a breath when needed so that you regain that steadfast composure. To then be able to go forward…

    There were physical, mental & emotional challenges for some of us to go through. Obstacles, water crossing without getting your kit wet! Completing your mission and the extraction which led to the interagration. I can honestly say this is something I have never experienced and I have the utmost respect for these men who have gone through this to be the best they can be. 

    What did I learn from all of this. I can push myself further than I imagined physically & mentally. I have knowledge and practical skills which I can pass on but more importantly the team was everything! Trust, Loyalty, Comradeship & smiling through adversity, even when piss wet through….

    On a personal note. I have finally come home…. It has taken nearly 5 long years for my mind to catch up with my body, but I can honestly say hand on heart it’s great to finally arrive home. It’s been along journey and one that is still unfolding as I process all that has take place over the past 10 months. I would like to thank Ollie, Foxy, Freddy & the Team at Break-Point UK for their part in this continued process. Truly an unique experience that words cannot do justice. – Nat

  • On Saturday 1st October 16 I achieved my original goal. I went to #Break-Point and meet the totally awesome, Ollie & Foxy plus there whole team (equally as awesome, well almost). 
    All I can say about spending over 12hrs with Ollie and Foxy  is LIFE CHANGING. Totally and utterly! Things will never be the same again, but in a really positive good way, although I am still processing that. I didn’t breeze the day, in anyway! I pushed as hard as I could and never quit. Not even when I was terrified (not of anything that was happening in really time on the course, simply what was happening in my head. At one point I was not in the room). I breathed through it with their help and came out the other side. Proud of myself and what I achieved. That’s not something I normally say. I’m not a special person who does amazing things, I’m just me. Some days the hardest thing I do is wake up and face the world. But on that day, I was proud and stood tall, part of a team that has become my family. I am very self critical and I compete with myself always. Whilst doing the run, I kept up with the 3 front runs & Ollie (I don’t think for one min, Ollie was pushing himself hard), dropping back only when we power walked as i am over a foot shorter than all of them, as my stride is so much shorter so it meant jogging all the time, I caught up every time I dropped back and finished in a line with them! They spared me on and held my hand to cross that line, making sure I was with them. Whilst Break-Point is not a completion in anyway, to finish as first female over the line, when in April 2016 I had have never ran anything and couldn’t run 1k! I’m not going to lie, I was thrilled, I can’t explain in words how proud of being just me I was at that point! I did that, I trained for that. That one moment alone was worth every bit of hard work and pain! That one moment was that point where is said I did all of this for me, I’m the best I can be today! I have never been proud of anything I have achieved but good god I was in that one moment. I know that if I hadn’t stopped drinking, ate properly and thrown myself into training that moment would have been so totally different. Instead of being something that no one can ever take away from me, It would have been my biggest regret, as I would forever thought I could have done better! I should have worked harder! 
    I thank Ollie, Foxy and Team Fortitude with all my heart for this journey! It’s been immense and it’s not over! I’m going back to Break Point again for a full weekend! I honestly can’t wait! My target, new goal and this time I start in a better place, to improve from. Which is a good thing……. if you want to come with us, then let Team Fortitude know! We always have spaces for all your guys.
    The one thing that will stay with me through ever hard time and there will be hard times…. 
    Breath, Recalibrate, Deliver
    Do something amazing today, save lives by changing yours! Comfort zones are something I no longer require! I love my Team Fortitude family with all my heart x – Amie

Break Point Elite Event

Team Fortitude are bringing 20 of our ELITE Team Members to Break-Point.

Mission Brief

This is just a normal day at work for the SF Soldier. Carrying on your normal daily routine when a spontaneous mission brief commands you to deploy to a hostile environment, where your every move could be your last! Teamwork is key, every operator must take action that supports the mission objective. Can you achieve your mission and make your way out alive?

This day is all about the life of a Special Forces Operator! You will be faced with a number of physical and mental challenges throughout the day.

Can You Go Beyond?

Saturday 2nd September 2017

BREAK-POINT – This is the ULTIMATE challenge as part of the Team Fortitude calendar of events to raise funds for Rock2Recovery.

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Break Point Elite Event

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