Happy New Year

We hope that this newsletter finds you well, and ready to join us for another year of FUNdraising with Team Fortitude for Rock 2 Recovery.  This team is something that we are very proud of, we thought it maybe be nice for you to read about some of our current team mates and the work that they have done to date.  We wanted to start with Graeme for a few reasons, not only is he an amazing guy, but he was our first recruit and with this support this team has built in strength.

Team Mate of the Month: Graeme Walker

What made you join Team Fortitude?
[GW] It was a weird one for me, I was watching the series SAS – Who Dares Wins and as the series went on, one of the former operators Jason Fox (Foxy) began revealing why he had left the service and I had reached out to him. Merely to thank him for his service. Long story short, I then learned he was an ambassador to Rock 2 Recovery which helps veterans and thus I felt compelled to join Team Fortitude and give some form of effort and thanks back to the men and women of our armed services.

How has being part of Team Fortitude impacted your life?
[GW] Being part of something bigger than yourself will always give back, and being part of TF hasn’t disappointed. Its been a hell of a year personally with lots of events, money raised and met a tonne of friends along the journey. It also lets me strive to be a better person in every aspect of life, because you are helping others, you generally put in more effort. This then feeds back into my own life and I often find myself questioning more, as opposed to just accepting things as they stand.

What’s the best experience you have had as part of Team Fortitude?
[GW] Easily the Break Point weekend. It was the culmination of my year in that I get to meet the ones that were the main reason for me getting involved in the first place. It was a non-stop day, with lots of unknowns, phys, and going beyond. For me the best part was working with others and helping them realize their own potential, and then to see them go beyond, is very rewarding.

Do you feel proud to support R2R?
[GW] Absolutely It’s both and honor and a privilege

Would you recommend joining Team Fortitude?
[GW] Certainly, it doesn’t matter your age, fitness, likes, dislikes, as its all relative. The events that we take part in a varied and there is something for everyone. Whether you want to go for a short walk, or go balls out fast on a certain obstacle course race, the whole point of TF is the coming together of people from different backgrounds for the greater good. You can’t buy that…..either it’s inside you to do something and help, or it’s not.

What has been your best event to date?
[GW] As above – Break Point. I am looking forward to the 2 day course this year which promises to add some extra spice and kick to the already hard 1 day course I experienced in 2016.

Do you have any advice for your team mates preparing for events?
[GW] Enjoy the process……most people want to be good, forgetting that it takes an awful long time and hard work to get to that point. The biggest part of it is to have fun and embrace the change.

Where will your team mates find you at your next event?
[GW] My next event will be the Fan Dance on the 8th April with Rob Edmond and some other folks at Team Fortitude. Looking forward to it….anyone wishing to give it a go should get on board.

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We hope that Graeme has inspired you to come and join us, and we would really love to have you on the team!
Current Event List for 2017

February 17th Hadrians Wall (private event – Stu Morton)

March 11th Tug of War – Bournemouth Beach at 1pm

April 9th Pen Y Fan

May 6th Goppin Challenge – Somerset

May 13th Nuclear Races, Essex

May 26th Since 1664 – Yomp

June 24th – Commando Raid

July 8th & 9th Breakpoint

July 8th and 9th Double Decker Bus Pull

August 19th Sky Dive

September 2nd September Breakpoint

September 30th Night Swimming

November 4th Angel of the north (private event – Team Natural Power)

December Christmas Party (there will be one this year!)

Please contact teamfortituder2r@gmail.com for more information on how you can help to support Rock2Recovery and the work that they do.