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Antony Hayes

Team: Extreme Marathon

Team Position: Recruit

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About Antony Hayes

I left the SBS after 8 years of service, and completing 4 back to back tours of Afghanistan without an external draft or break.

When my Dad passed away suddenly I could no longer hide my problems and perform to the extremely high standards required.  This influenced my decision to leave the service and put the family first, as my Mom was now alone with 4 young adopted children, in a different country, and facing the prospect of losing her home.  The stress of four tours, dealing with chronic burnout, plus the high tempo of SF squadron life combined with an unresolved traumatic experience from before the military were causing me to suffer with depression, anxiety and to self medicate with alcohol.

My mental health issues gradually grew worse and in 2013 whilst away overseas on a private security operation I considered taking my own life. With the help and support of my family I realised that I needed to talk about the issues that I was trying to deal with alone. I contacted Jamie from Rock 2 Recovery and talking to him was the first step to dealing with my problems and moving forward.

Moving on from that extremely difficult period in my life, having finally reached out for help I now find myself in a much more positive place.

Along with my family, R2R were there for me when I needed to talk to someone, and helping to raise money for R2R in order to help other veterans who are struggling, is something very close to my heart.

To raise funds for Rock2Recovery i will be challenging myself and taking part in the Trail Series Extreme Marathon in Dorset.

‘’Without the donations made to Rock 2 Recovery they could not have been there when I needed them. So please donate what you can, so that others can benefit from R2R’s help and support’’

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