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Charlotte Hill


Team Position: Recruit

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About Charlotte Hill

My name is Lottie Hill, I am 19 years old and live in Kent with my two sisters and mum! I’m joining the Army late March and have found myself with nothing to do! With mum being ex military she doesn’t think it’s acceptable to spend the next 3 months in bed….. so I have decided to climb Mount Toubkal in Morocco! Talk about going from one extreme to the other! After coming from a military family with both my sisters currently serving I decided to look through some different charities and rock 2 recovery grabbed me straight away! Also being from a military family PTSD is something that has touched all of us! PTSD is such a massive thing these days and I don’t think enough time or money is put into those who suffer with it! Therefore helping Rock 2 Recovery is definitely something I would love to do! I’m super exited to take on this challenge in late February 2019! I’ll see you all on the other side!

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