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Crystal Pearson

Team: 36 Hrs Straight on a Cross Trainer and Team Elite

Team Position: Recruit

We have collected £734.00 of our £500.00 target. It is 146.80% of our goal for the Crystal Pearson campaign


About Crystal Pearson

Thankyou for the follow. Would you like to join us at an event to raise awareness and funds for @rock2recovery?”
I contemplated it for a while! Wanting to but i have always been afraid to meet new people!
I read the website….. Participating in events that TEST US. It was right there! (Test? Comfort zone?!)
So here i am, signed up to complete 100 miles on my elliptical (crosstrainer) within 32 hours and also attending BREAKPOINT in October! And i hope it wont stop there….I will most definately be tested and way way out of my comfort zone, but this is nothing compared to the daily struggles our veterans and their families are coping with, dealing with PTSD and mental health issues related to minor traumatic brain injuries. This is for them. To raise awareness and funds for such a worthy cause, to get help to those who so bravely fought.
Please sponsor me to help this worthy cause.

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