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Emma Hughes-Davies

Team: Nuclear Blast - Team MuDRocKs

Team Position: Team Captain

We have collected £1,735.36 of our £10,000.00 target. It is 17.35% of our goal for the MuDRocKs - Nuclear Blast campaign


About Emma Hughes-Davies

MuD NooB!……..I Usually ‘Bake’ for Charity although I do give good ‘Cake’!! Decided to push myself mentally, physically & get Muddy(ok that bit sounds FuN) with a AmaZing team to raise much needed funds for Rock2Recovery…….WHY? Being strong & fearless has never been a problem for me but i admire the courage it takes to stand up and say it’s ok NOT to be ok something I’ve struggled with…The creative & physical therapy offered work’s. I know having had PTSD since childhood, you’re not broken you’ve just had a re-wire…. The stigma surrounding Mental health needs to to change just because you wear your scars on the inside doesn’t mean that it should be denied or that it’s a taboo.

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