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Hannah Child


Team Position: Recruit

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About Hannah Child

I found Rock2Recovery through social media and flippin love the ethos behind the charity. Whilst not military myself I’ve had and still have my own mental battles to deal with and know only too well the struggle it can be to feel alone and unsure where to turn.

I have a big birthday coming up this year (I don’t wanna say how old but it has a 0 and a 4 in it 😢). However instead of feeling sorry for myself I’ve given myself a slap and decided to use it to do something for others, n with my Dad being ex-Navy & my brother current, both of whom have suffered their own battles, I can’t think of a better cause than Rock2Recovery! Also having spoken to the amazing legend that is Jamie I definitely want to support this charity in any way I can.
I’m no gym bunny and always hated the idea of exercising around all those sculpted bodies at the gym but I went ahead and signed up for the Pen Y Fan trek after emailing Team Fortitude and now I’m so excited I practically skip to the gym (I don’t do running 😆).
I can’t wait for July to meet the other trek folks and hopefully make some new friends whilst trekking for this awesome cause!…And then I can start planning my next adventure 💪🏼

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