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Natasha Theodossiadis

Team: Royal British Legion Major Series TF16 and Team Elite

Team Position: Recruit

We have collected £327.00 of our £1,000.00 target. It is 32.70% of our goal for the Natasha Theodossiadis - Elite campaign


About Natasha Theodossiadis

Hi my name is Nat. I’m a medic with the Army Reserves and have served for nearly 9 yrs. Recently I had a bit of a blip. I didn’t know where to turn, all I knew was that something had to be done! I had been watching the posts of #Rock2Recovery and thought these guys seem genuine. So on New years day I ended up reaching out to #Rock2Recovery and they answered, no judgement, support and encouragement all the way. Especially as I am considered a Pongo by the Bootnecks lol. What I have found is an amazing support from people who have been where I am. That gave me the courage to go and speak to my CoC and they have been really supportive. So why #TeamFortitude, this is my way of saying thank you and paying it forward for the next person who may need the support. Being a part of something this great, with the vision and belief that we can all bring about change when it come to PTSD, stress illness and TBI’s and how they are viewed. So come on and support us to support others.

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