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Sabrina Garside


Team Position: Recruit

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About Sabrina Garside

My name is Sabrina, I’m 38 and I currently work in finance in a school, when I’m not behind my desk I like to keep fit and am enjoying taking on new challenges for charity.

I am a member of the Break-Point family (Founder member of their Prime Evolution programme… I can thoroughly recommend it to you!), I enjoy participating in their events and leaving my comfort zone behind.

I have been tempted into doing my first Tandem Skydive at Old Sarum on Tuesday 11th October with The Army Display Team. I decided to pay for my own jump so that I can raise funds for my chosen charity… Rock 2 Recovery. Fundraising for Rock 2 Recovery as part of Team Fortitude means your donation goes straight to the charity without the bigger fundraising pages taking a large cut of the money.

Rock 2 Recovery are a small charity doing amazing work out there supporting our service personnel, veterans and their families.

  • current £305.00
  • target £500.00
  • total donors 12