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Sabrina Waterhouse

Team: Royal British Legion Major Series TF16 and Team Elite

Team Position: Chief Motivator

We have collected £1,024.00 of our £1,000.00 target. It is 102.40% of our goal for the Sabrina Waterhouse - Elite campaign


About Sabrina Waterhouse

Co Founder of Team Fortitude and 100% dedicated to raising as much funds as possible for Rock2Recovery.

When i am not in my Mon-Fri 9 – 5 Admin job, I can be found organising or helping out at various charity events. I have made it my mission this year to get fit, lose weight and do as much as I can for charity. I am inspired to help Rock2Recovery for many reasons, I am from a creative background, and have recently sold my business, a Pottery Painting Studio – Hullabaloo. Due to this experience I can relate to the power of creativity and what it can do to assist with people who have suffered a traumatic event in their lives, I have a personal military connection oh and i love to “Rock”! I really just want to make a difference where I can and to my best ability. I don’t have money to give, so instead choose to give my time and hopefully have an impact that way.

More about me:

A hero of mine: Nelson Mandela

Favourite Quote: We are all in the gutter but some of us are looking at the stars

3 Random Facts:

1. I once competed in an Irish dancing competition

2. I love to lip sync battle!

3. I Love cheesy Pop music

Some people ask my “why” all the charity work… my response… Why not?! Personal motto is: Do what i can, when i can, for as long as i can!!!

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