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Samantha Boyd


Team Position: Recruit

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About Samantha Boyd

Hi, my name is Sam.

I constantly look to challenge myself, so I seek out new adventures wherever I can! I love paddlesports, mainly kayaking, and being on the water is my passion.

In October 2017 I stumbled across an organisation called BreakPoint, where you get to learn some of the skills required for special forces operations. It was through doing these courses that I got to meet some amazing veterans and hear about their acts of selflessness, as well as their struggles.

When a friend asked if I wanted to do the Devises to Westminster International Canoe Race (DW) I couldn’t say no! Its 125 miles with 77 locks (you have to get out and carry the canoe round them!) and we are doing it straight through – around 26-30 hours. Its gruelling and tipped as the Everest of Paddling challenges; the Royal Marines regularly take part, as it’s an ultimate test of grit and determination!

I am extremely proud to represent Team Fortitude and hope to raise as much money for Rock 2 Recovery as I can…………

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