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Steven Crompton


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About Steven Crompton

I am taking on the Lands’ end to John o groats Guinness world record and want to raise money and awareness for Rock to Recovery who help service personal, veterans and their families with PTSD.  Although I never seen action I smashed basic training in 2008 and thrived as a young soldier and was a proud man on top of the world after a year I ended up with a gambling addiction which got me discharged after 18 months.  It destroyed me and I was back to square one and I tried to take my own life a few days later. I ended up homeless drinking myself into the ground as I couldn’t handle the pain and pride I had lost. 20 years old I was handed a prison sentence for burgling a closed down pub for alcohol. When I came out of prison I was slightly better but still lost, I got myself on my feet and sort of kept my head above water until my relationship broke down after 2 years in early 2012.  I tried hanging myself out my bedroom window when my mum and step dad pulled me back in. I then got into another relationship which was great and I slowly worked through my problems and she helped me but the gambling and drinking was still affecting me as I was a very broken man it wasn’t until this relationship come to an end after 4 years that instead of reacting negatively I turned a corner and said no more! I should start reacting positively and I started training hard and going to Gambling counselling I booked myself onto my first half marathon on October 16th and finished 53rd in 1 hour 30 I started training more and had more counselling. Things were starting to look up I was under control and reacting positively to negative situations. I applied for SAS who dares wins series 2 and got through the initial application phase and was excited this was a positive chance for me to deal with my past by being tested to the limits and a chance at being back in that environment. My second half marathon in January 2016 after a lot of training I finished 7th in 1 hour 23 minutes knocking off 7 minutes in 2 and a half months of training things were looking up I trained very hard as I was getting through every stage of the casting for who dares wins I then ran the 20-mile grizzly race one of the hardest races around I finished 17th out of 2000 runners.  I then went onto take part in a Ultra white collar boxing event as I thought it was good preparation for the jungle and trained hard for 8 weeks. I fought in front of a sell-out 1200 crowd I won my fight against a tough opponent. I just dug deep and got the win, a week later I went out to the jungle to take part in the SAS who dares wins series 2 It was extremely hard and as you will see I never give up I keep fighting unfortunately there were situations that I would have done better in if I didn’t have a lot of weight from my discharge on my shoulders but I learnt I am very strong. I feel strong again. I was told by the doctors I was suffering with chronic depression after my discharge but the symptoms pointed towards PTSD and therefore I want to raise money for this great cause as it nearly cost me my life and I belief I can smash this 15-year standing record and inspire people to do the same. Not only has physical training saved my life I can help save others through using my strengths so please sponsor me today and help rock to recovery save more lives.

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