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Stu Morton

Team: Atlantic Solo Row

Team Position: Recruit

  • current £2,719.00
  • target £25,000.00
  • total donors 86

About Stu Morton

My name is Stu Morton I’m a former Royal Marine and in January 2018 I will be rowing solo 4000miles across the Atlantic Ocean from Portugal to Venezuela to raise money for Rock 2 Recovery which is a charity that helps veterans suffering with PTSD. As a former Royal Marine it’s a charity that is very close to my heart.

I will be the first person in history to attempt this route Solo and I stand to gain two world records on completion of the row.

I aim to complete the route in under 65 days and the current record for a continent to continent crossing is 96 days. I have spent around £40,000 to buy the equipment necessary to attempt this voyage.

I have covered the costs for the Row myself so that the charity can benefit from the fundraising as much as possible. Please help Rock 2 Recovery keep up the amazing work they do.

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